Concrete Services


Retaining walls are often used to contain dirt on properties. D. Nickell’s structural crews have built many of these to support building structures across Middle Tennessee.


Floor Slabs

We are fully equipped and experienced in placing and finishing any floor slab your project requires. From grade slab to multi story building slabs, our finishing crew has over 80 years combined experience. 



D. Nickell Co has the vast knowledge and experience in many different types of building foundations from heavy multi-story construction and industrial foundations to residential slabs and footings.


Curb & Gutter

We have any and every curb available from small extruded, roll over curb, to metro standard 30” curb and gutter. If we don’t offer the type of curb you are looking for, let us know and we will design a specialty mold to fit your need.



Starting years ago doing small driveways and patios, our concrete division now has years of experience in this area. With our highly trained team, we can turn any desire or dream into a reality.