Asphalt Services

Parking Lots

Ninety-five percent of Tennessee parking lots and streets are asphalt. If you’re wondering why, it is because asphalt is so cost effective and has such smooth ride-ability. If parking lots are done correctly and maintained, you will have a long lasting durable product.



D. Nickell Company, LLC, has been building and paving streets since 1997. Whether you are a developer building a new subdivision, or the County wanting to make improvements to streets, D. Nickell has the knowledge and expertise to offer the best and most economically efficient product.



Although commercial work is an important service that we provide, D. Nickell loves being competitive in the private sector for home owners and local businesses also. Call us today and we would be happy to give you an estimate. Whether it’s widening or redoing an existing driveway, or building a new driveway for you, no job is too small for us.



Let’s face it - nothing lasts forever, including asphalt. If your asphalt is old and needs patching, call us to give you our expert and most cost-effective solution for your problems. We would be happy to lend a hand.


Cold planing

Cold planing, or more commonly known as milling, has been a service of D. Nickell since 1982. We no longer travel outside of Tennessee for this service, but if milling and overlay is what your job requires, we can handle that, as well.